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Frequently Asked Questions And answers

How do I become a sperm donor at the Sobin Sperm Bank?

To visit the Sobin Sperm Bank and make a sperm donation you need to furnish three references of different women with whom you have had sexual intercourse to the point of ejaculation in the past five days, preferably not blood relatives.

How do I get hired to become a sperm donor facilitator at the Sobin Sperm Bank?

Please make a video of you extracting sperm from a man and send the link to The more creative your methods and the more sperm you extract the better your prospects. If hired you will not receive a set salary but rather will be paid by the quantify of sperm you collect.

How do I become a member and gain access to present and future SSB videos?

Go to our JOIN page. Membership for a lifetime is only $9.99. No registration is required and there is no renewal needed since your membership never expires.

Where does the Sobin Sperm Bank get its name?

The Sobin Sperm Bank is named after Dennis Sobin, its founder and principle donor. Dennis Sobin is a social justice activist and author. You can find his many books on He founded the Sobin Sperm Bank with innovative ways of collecting sperm because when he had made sperm donations to conceive his offspring, Darrin Sobin and Teague Sobin, the recipient of those donations, Paulette Bridget Powell, extracted them in cold, uncreative and demeaning ways.

How often are new Sobin Sperm Bank videos posted on this website?

New videos of approximately 20 minutes each shot at the Sobin Sperm Bank are made and posted periodically. Members receive an email notice and a download link as soon as the videos are posted. Members will also be notified when our bonus websites are created and will receive discounted memberships to those websites.

Why is membership so cheap?

Membership is inexpensive because we want to attract as many donors and quality facilitators to the Sobin Sperm Bank as humanly possible. In this way we will have an ample supply of sperm so we hopefully will never have to substitute animal sperm for human sperm as many sperm banks do.