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Meet Our Staff of Sperm Donor facilitators

Our staff consists of dozens of women who are experts in arousing male sexuality and facilitating sperm donations. We call them facilitators and they are the primary reason why our donors never fail to provide at least two sperm donations when they visit the Sobin Sperm Bank. We do not employ force or cruelty to collect sperm in accordance with the guidelines of the ASPCM (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Men).

Below is a partial list and description of our current staff. Women are hired who excel in both physical and  vocal arousal techniques since they are required to bring about multiple sperm donations. At the Sobin Sperm Bank we believe that verbal arousal is as important as visual and physical arousal. We employ professional actresses (not porn stars whose poor and distracting acting skills are well known) to lend their voice talents wherever possible. To view a narrated slide show of our staff,  please click here. To see and hear our sperm donation facilitators in action, please visit our Sample Videos page.

Bridget is from France, the country that invented oral sex. She was formerly a trainer of new employees in a French bordello in Paris where Sobin Sperm Bank founder and principle donor Dennis Sobin discovered her.

Dona was born on Long Island where she worked as a teller in a bank. There she developed an intimate relationship with the manager, a married man. He became addicted to her responsive and highly orgasmic vagina. Looking for a more exciting environment than a bank to show off her extraordinary copulation skills, she choose the Sobin Sperm Bank. 

Emma is from England where she obtained a Ph.D. in human sexuality from Cambridge University. She served as a massage therapist to males in the royal palace but was fired when caught in compromising position (double penetration) with two princes.

Helga hails from Germany where she was a breeder of German shepherds. She loved her animals and demonstrated her affection for them by allowing them to sniff her and occasionally have intercourse with her when no female canines were available for them.

Gina from Italy is highly steeped in the traditions and culture of that Mediterranean country, Her family fortune originated from olive oil and she prefers using it to any other lubricant, particularly when extracting sperm donations through anal intercourse.

Maria was born and raised in Spanish Harlem where she enjoyed group sex in cars, alleys and churches after mass. While her English is poor and limited, she knows the right words to stimulate sperm donations.

Pilar is from Mexico, spending her teenage years in Tijuana, the city of love and romance.  Her lifelong dream of entering a convent and becoming a nun was foiled when she learned that only virgins were eligible. Had she known that, she says, she would have limited her sexual activity to oral and anal intercourse.

​Elena is a dark-skinned Argentinean who began her work as a sperm donor facilitator during the annual mardi gras when she out-performed every other woman in sperm gathering competitions. A video clip of her achievement reached the Sobin Sperm Bank. Soon after, a facilitator position was offered to her.

Sheray is Persian by birth, patient by temperament and proficient by experience, traits that make her an outstanding sperm donation facilitator. Her specialty is coaxing the semen out of donors who arrive tired after a day’s work and are reluctant to provide two sperm donations during the same visit, a requirement of the Sobin Sperm Bank..

Heather had a privileged but by no means protected upbringing in a Midwest mid-sized American metropolis. As a cheerleader she captivated large numbers of both spectators and ballplayers with her splits and cartwheels, all performed without wearing underwear.

Nikita was raised as a communist in Russian where she learned to share her physical assets with as many comrades as possible. When the country switched to capitalism she began charging and acquired a good-sized nest egg. She used it to relocate to America where she knew money and semen flowed copiously.

Inga is a Swedish darling who is as pure of heart as she is sexual of thought. As a sperm donor facilitator for the Sobin Sperm Bank, she gleefully accepts the most difficult cases and turns them into butter in her hands, vagina and anus. She boasts that she never met a penis she didn’t like.

Sophia was discovered in her hometown of Venice, Italy, where she pioneered the now popular tourist attraction of operating a gondola topless. Her skills on the water were commensurate with her talents in the bedroom, now put to good use by the Sobin Sperm Bank.

Eva exhibits the traditional strength and femininity of German women. She can squeeze a large grape dry with her vaginal or anal muscles. When donors walk into the Sobin Sperm Bank with testicles especially full they are assigned to her, knowing that every drop of semen will be removed from them.

Kathleen is a New Yorker who practiced the motto of the city that never sleeps by copulating with as many men as possible day and night. She did this both for recreation and as a source of income. Her previous employment was at a McDonald’s restaurant where she worked for tips as a bathroom attendant.

Ming Lo may not be the best-looking oriental you have ever seen but she is arguably the most sexually skillful. Her mother and grandmother worked in comfort stations for returning soldiers and passed on their techniques of triggering male ejaculations to her. She currently holds the record of the most amount of sperm collected in single day at the Sobin Sperm Bank.

Monica from Washington, DC, worked as a secretary where she became an alcoholic after experiencing intense sexual harassment. As a sperm donor facilitator she enjoys taking the initiative in sexual encounters. This and regular attendance at AA meetings has led to her full recovery.

Victoria is named after a former queen of her native country, England. Queen Victoria, known as the Slut Queen, helped to end a conservative period in England known for its hypocrisy, inhibitions and low birth rate. As a facilitator she is rarely without one or more of her orifices in use. Her motto: If you don’t use it you lose it.