Welcome to the Sobin Sperm Bank (media div)

The Sobin Sperm Bank (a part of the nonprofit 501(c)(3) PF foundation) began as a parody with a video on YouTube that went viral. The YouTube video is still there and can be seen by searching YouTube.com for Sobin Sperm Bank. When the YouTube video went viral, the founder and main donor of the Sobin Sperm Bank, Dennis Sobin, decided to make the Sobin Sperm Bank a reality.

Revenue from the Sobin Sperm Bank supports the Prisons Foundation (PF) and other projects for the advancement and enlightenment of society. This website contains videos that were created at the Sobin Sperm Bank.  Whether you regard these videos (a new video is added monthly) as provocative entertainment or uncensored documentary, we believe you will not find any better on the Internet.